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The advantage of using WordPress as a blog or website’s Content Management System (CMS) is the ability to create an entirely unique webpage. Even more impressive is the ease of updating and managing such a website. Both the shrewd computer programmers and those less dexterous in complex computer language can create an informative and innovative page.

The simplicity of WordPress is evident in its text editor, What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).  This editor provides just what its title suggests, what you see is what you get. Rather than leaving text creating and editing to those professionals who are adept at apprehending the intricate language of HTML to write or edit a blurb, this editor resembles Microsoft World, which allows anyone to easily contribute to a page.

By giving the user the option to use or not to use templates, each site has the ability to be as unique as its creator would like. WordPress fosters to both those skilled in HTML, and those who have little to no knowledge of the language. WordPress allows for a user with advanced knowledge in computer programming to create a fully independent and unique webpage. For those with less experience with computer programming, WordPress provides countless templates for support. Furthermore, for those who choose to use the templates, WordPress allows individual templates for different pages, a feature which truly embraces the user’s creativity.

WordPress provides a vast assortment of plugins, which easily incorporate media into the user’s page. This is a simple and affective way to promote anything from a product or service to another blog or social profile.