User Interface (UI) Web Design

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What distinguishes User Interface design (UI design) from the typical web design, is it’s mastery of integrating complex functions with aesthetically pleasing graphics. There is no question that having a website with a bold and unique appearance is important, however, it is also crucial for the website to be navigated easily by all users in order to properly communicate all of the website’s information.

While a website which is visually mundane, or difficult to navigate, may achieve partial success in its job, however it will fail to achieve the same results as a website created using UI design. Websites that do not stand out aesthetically are more difficult to remember, thereby minimizing its usefulness. Additionally, a website which cannot be navigated through easily does not accurately convey its mission, to communicate all of the information from the site to the computer.

The UI design concentrates on the interaction between the website and the user. What makes UI design stand apart from other forms of web designs is its focus on creating websites, which are not only memorable, but also efficient in transferring all of its information from the site to the user.